ECHELON: Being a servant-leader

ECHELON: Being a servant-leader

Echelon Hawaii, a group of young leaders collectively rising up to serve their local communities through The Salvation Army Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division, have established their mark through volunteerism, fundraising, and networking opportunities. As part of our efforts to show the community the work of The Salvation Army, we’ve invited our Echelon members and advisors to share their thoughts, news, and information on upcoming events with our readers. Here is a guest post by Echelon advisor and Honolulu Advisory Board Member, Billie Lueder, from the University of Hawaii – Honolulu Community College.

Echelon Hawaii member Billie Lueder

Leading a life of service was instilled in me at an early age by my parents. They taught me to think of others before myself through my actions and the words that I spoke. This core value has shaped my leadership style of being a servant-leader; serving others verses top down leadership which has produced higher performance, active engagement, and respect from others.

It is this servant-leadership style of Doing The Most Good that attracted me to serve on The Salvation Army Honolulu Advisory Board. What a concept! It was so easy to tie everything that The Salvation Army does to help those in our community who have the greatest needs. I was so drawn to this purpose that I wanted to share it with my family.

As a mother of two young and vibrant daughters, Randie and Reese, it became imperative that I be a role model that they can look up to and be proud of. They are our future and I want them to experience early on the positive benefits of hard work, humility, and service above self.

"This young leader board has made it their kuleana to mobilize the next generation of leaders"

I am so proud of the work that Echelon Hawaii has done in a short one year of existence. This young leader board has made it their kuleana to mobilize the next generation of leaders in our community through leading by serving. Through efforts like our Red Pencil Project, Echelon Hawaii will not only be donating needed school supplies to young keiki, but they will be having ongoing, engaging conversations with these children around what it means to serve others and Doing The Most Good in their community. The goal is for these keiki to internalize The Salvation Army tag line to the point that it becomes a part of their core value system thereby continuing the never-ending circle of reciprocity.

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