ECHELON: Leadership takes humility

ECHELON: Leadership takes humility

Photo of Echelon member Aaron Kim Echelon Hawaii, a group of young leaders collectively rising up to serve their local communities through The Salvation Army Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division, have established their mark through volunteerism, fundraising, and networking opportunities. As part of our efforts to show the community the work of The Salvation Army, we’ve invited our Echelon members to share their thoughts, news, and information on upcoming events with our readers. Here is a guest post by Echelon member, Aaron Kim from Nan Inc.

Like many of you, I’ve had my share of supervisors in the workplace. Some used fear and intimidation to make sure I perform, others used guilt or shame. Then there were those who didn’t stand out – the ones that were just there to do their jobs and expected the same from you. If a problem arose, they looked the other way or micro-managed. I can call them all supervisors, but I cannot say they were all leaders.

Why not? I firmly believe a leader is a person who is given authority to have an effective and lasting influence on those they lead. It is someone who leads through service and humility. A leader finds value in empowering and serving others, not their own interests. A leader understands that when you help others succeed and become leaders, it makes your organization more effective and success can then be shared by everyone.

"Leadership takes humility. It’s about the mission and purpose of your organization."

Leadership takes humility. It’s about the mission and purpose of your organization, which is the same mission and purpose that other members or employees signed up for.

Now, I have the privilege and responsibility to supervise and lead a team. They rely on me to take them in the right direction and I always remind myself to value them and help them be better. Because when they are better, we are all better!

Service and humility is not just reserved for non-profits or charities like The Salvation Army. It’s not just something you practice when give back to the community or those in need. Service and humility is something that is very much necessary in leadership… #doingthemostgood not only in the community, but also, where we work.

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