The Salvation Army Family Services Office in Honolulu delivers food to Cici during pandemic

cici receiving food box from salvation army hawaii

The Salvation Army is known for providing food, financial assistance and other services, but what is especially noteworthy is its commitment to staying in touch and ensuring community members are taken care of.

“Cici is a retired kupuna living in Honolulu,” explains Anna Stone, The Salvation Army Family Services Office & Pathway of Hope Director. “We helped her with financial assistance and food as she moved into her Honolulu apartment last year, then continued to follow up with her to make sure she was OK.”

The Salvation Army recently delivered food boxes to Cici amid the pandemic and received a handwritten letter in response. In it, Cici describes how The Salvation Army helped her move into her new apartment, as she lives alone, and all her friends are with their families. She ends the letter with a note about The Salvation Army’s most recent assistance:

"During this virus, I ran out of money for food. The Salvation Army came to my rescue. They gave me a food box that tasted so good. Then they called me and followed up on me to see how I am doing and if I needed food. I couldn’t figure out how to answer my phone, so I missed their calls. But they kept calling and I was able to get back in touch with them. Their follow-through was wonderful, and I received my food. Anna from The Salvation Army was my angel who followed through with me."

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