Echelon delivers school supplies to Aiea Elementary School’s 4th Graders

Echelon delivers school supplies to Aiea Elementary School’s 4th Graders

Salvation Army Echelon Members with Aiea Elementary students

Today The Salvation Army Family Services Office (FSO) homeless outreach team handed out bottled water and food to families and individuals in need. Our team doesn’t see their work as a hand down, but a hand up. They’re providing prayer and information to ensure these individuals are aware of resources that can provide them employment opportunities or access to housing through other agencies.

Echelon Hawaii members Jeremy Shorenstein, chair, Joshua Tokars, Crystal Yamasaki, Erin Kanno Uehara, Darah Dung, and The Salvation Army Chief Development Officer, Jennifer Hee, collected school supplies in the last month and decided to donate them to a fourth grade class at Aiea Elementary School.

Salvation Army Echelon posing with Aiea Elementary Students

Echelon member with Aiea Elementary student

Before receiving their backpack full of supplies, each student was asked to explain what they wanted to be when they’re older and how they plan to help others in their communities. Echelon Hawaii members were in awe of each student’s ambition to be doctors, nurses, artists, soldiers in the Army, photographers, and teachers.

“We came here thinking we’re going to give these 4th graders some much needed school supplies. But after learning who they were and their aspirations to be great leaders and help others in their communities, they gave all of us hope for a brighter future,” said Echelon member Erin Kanno Uehara. “These kids are the future of Hawaii and we’re so happy to give them tools that they need to learn and thrive in school.”

After each student received a backpack, Echelon members served the class cheese and pepperoni pizza from Papa John’s Hawaii.

The Salvation Army and our Echelon Hawaii members wish Aiea Elementary School 4th graders the best school year ever!

Aiea Elementary students eating pizza

Students eating pizza at Aiea Elementary

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