Get Over Yourself

by Lauren Cheape Matsumoto, Hawaii State Capitol

Lauren Matsumoto and family

As I was reflecting on success and leadership a story came to mind. In my senior year of college, I competed in the Miss Hawaii Scholarship Program, not knowing what I was getting myself into. Not surprisingly, I didn’t win that year. So, as a slightly competitive person, I went back my second year, a third, and it was on my fourth year of competition that I was blessed to win the title of Miss Hawaii

You can imagine how proud I felt after all those years of hard work and sacrifice. After my crowning, my little brother Matthew gave me a hug, smiled, and said, “Get over yourself!” While it may seem like something typical to hear from a little brother, it made me pause, because he was right.

While I had won, I didn’t do it alone. There were many individuals that helped get me to that point. So, I asked myself, “What can I do for others?”

I joined The Salvation Army’s Echelon board so that I can serve others through my role in the community with the support of fellow young professionals and community leaders with the same passion. Echelon is able to make a positive impact on local families and keiki that need resources or encouragement to tackle the obstacles they face in life.

I believe true leadership is recognizing that it takes a village to affect change in your community and, together, we can serve others in need of a hand up. So, remember to “Get over yourself” and make a difference in the world around you by #DoingTheMostGood!

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