Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council Members Donate Over 20K Pounds of Beef to Support The Salvation Army’s Food Outreach Programs across Hawaii

The donations help provide protein for prepared meals for those in need during the pandemic

The Salvation Army Hawaiian & Pacific Islands today announced they recently received donations of over 20,000 pounds of beef from members of the Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council, Inc. located on Kauai, Hawaii, Maui and Oahu. The beef donations are helping to provide protein for thousands of prepared meals being distributed by The Salvation Army to those in need during the pandemic.

“It’s with a grateful nod and a tip of our hats to the members of the Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council that we thank them for their generous support of our feeding programs across the state,” said Major Jeff Martin, Divisional Leader of The Salvation Army Hawaiian & Pacific Islands. “The donations of protein directly help those in need, and have provided over 5,000 meals to date and counting.”

“Mahalo to our generous members who didn’t hesitate to contribute to this effort,” said Jeri Moniz, marketing chair of the Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council. “Every rancher we asked agreed to donate an animal.”

Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council member donations include: Agee Inc, Al Galimba, Blackrock Cattle Co., DB Cattle, DeLuz Ranch, Double J Ranch, E. Eguires Ranch, Egami Ranch, F Ranch, Griffith Livestock, Hawaii Meats LLC, Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility, Kapapala Ranch, Kauai Ranch, Kaupo Ranch, KK Ranch, Kuahiwi Ranch, Kualoa Ranch, Kukaiau Ranch, Lau Ranch, Lazy L Ranch, North Shore Livestock, Ohia Ranch, Palani Ranch, Parker Ranch, Peter DeLuz Ranch, Puuwai Ranch, Ponoholo Ranch, Rocker G Livestock, SC Ranch, Ulupalakua Ranch, Zanga Schutte

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