ECHELON: Others Above Self Requires Self Awareness

ECHELON: Others Above Self Requires Self Awareness

The Salvation Army Echelon Hawaii member Jeremy Shorenstein Echelon Hawaii, a group of young leaders collectively rising up to serve their local communities through The Salvation Army Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division, have established their mark through volunteerism, fundraising, and networking opportunities. As part of our efforts to show the community the work of The Salvation Army, we’ve invited our Echelon members to share their thoughts, news, and information on upcoming events with our readers. Please welcome Echelon’s first guest post by their chairperson, Jeremy Shorenstein of Tradewind Capital Group.

Before I met my wife, my mentor at the time asked me to make a list of everything I desired in a significant other. The list included genuine kindness, self-confidence, and the ability to call me out when I am wrong, among others. After completing the list, I was ready to seek out this amazing person, but my mentor had a different recommendation. He said, “If you want to attract this person, you need to be this person.” #MindBlown

This is a powerful lesson; to be the person I want to be surrounded by. Whether it is in my role as an employee, friend, or community member, I aim to be the person I would admire in that position. This is a high bar since I have some pretty high expectations, so I like to couple this suggestion with another, “Aim for progress, not perfection”. I make mistakes, embarrass myself, and act selfishly sometimes, it’s part the human experience in my opinion. But in accepting my faults as well as my abilities (aka, having an accurate view of who and what I am) it gives me the ability to set a path to become who and what I can be.


"Aim for progress, not perfection”

The Salvation Army Echelon Hawaii members attending a homeless outreach activity

My experience as an Echelon member gives me the opportunity to be of service to my community directly, such as preparing food for and having genuine conversations with the homeless population of Chinatown in Honolulu, providing needed school supplies to students at Aiea and Waialua Elementary, and building close friendships with others who are willing and excited to give back to their community. I’m grateful for Echelon giving me the ability to practice “being the person I want to attract”, and I invite you to learn more about our impact, why we do what we do, and join the movement of #DoingTheMostGood in our islands.

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