Life Is Short

by Darah Dung


Growing up as the youngest of four children in a large family, I witnessed firsthand that one should always 1) Help others 2) Share and 3) Love one another.

I learned early the true meaning of the adage "life is short" and I measured time by my memories made cooking with my Popo or playing sports with my GungGung. During each of these activities there was always a common theme: be kind to others, do your best and give.

As I grew older, while I said goodbye to these family members I never lost the lessons that they taught me. With each passing, I was always faced with the opportunity to write something to say at their memorials. I realized through each one, how cathartic it was to be able share with people, all the wonderful things my loved ones had done to make our world a better place. The common theme being — helping others.

I joined The Salvation Army’s Echelon Hawaii board knowing it would allow me to practice what my family instilled in me from a very young age – to always give back to the community. Through Echelon, I feel I have joined another family. We are a group of young professionals who value people, experiences, and time. Our mission is to help make the lives of individuals and families enriched with not only food and clothing, but also, with Aloha. Through the spirit of giving, showing our compassion, and care, we are #DoingtheMostGood to make our community a better place for future generations.

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