“My prayers were answered.”

“My prayers were answered.”

Isabella at The Salvation Army Family Services Office

“I was struggling for a while. I had to ask for help and The Salvation Army Family Services Office answered my prayers.”

46-year-old Isabella G. is a single mother of two boys. They live in a small apartment in Waialua, where Isabella runs her own cleaning business for the bed and breakfasts on the North Shore. “Being a business owner, I didn’t think that I would be in the position to need anyone’s help. I prided myself on being able to take care of my boys and paying our bills,” she said.

Isabella and her two sons

"The Salvation Army is a blessing to single moms like me.”

Just a year ago, Isabella started to feel a stabbing pain in her back. “My doctor said I had to rest and take medication to relieve the pain. I couldn’t work and I fell behind on my rent, so we had to move. We moved to six places in the last year and were homeless for two months. I was a mess,” said Isabella. She broke down and asked her landlord for help. He suggested that she contact The Salvation Army Family Services Office, which helps families in need with rental assistance, food, and a connection to resources. Isabella called and was able to get a rent check in less than a week. “I’m so thankful. Not being able to work because of my back had set us back so much. The Salvation Army is a blessing to single moms like me.”

Today Isabella is much better thanks to lots of rest and help from The Salvation Army. “I’m in a good place and my boys are happy. My son, who is 17, has found a part-time job to help out until I fully recover from my back condition. Thank you for all that you’ve done to help me and my family.”

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