by Jennifer Oyer, Chief Development Officer

Jennifer Oyer with school children at school supply drive

It is said that the Founder of The Salvation Army, General William Booth, once sent a telegram to officers around the world to remind them of the main focus of their work. The telegram contained only one word - "others." That single word captured the foundation for the entire organization. And, it’s been the foundation for my life’s purpose and serving as the Chief Development Officer for The Salvation Army has given me the ability to turn interest in support to meaningful action for social change, not only in Hawaii, but across the Pacific Islands and throughout the world.

Throughout my professional career, I’ve learned that it takes a village to get the work done, and when people are given hope, they can start to move the needle to create purposeful change for our community.

It takes leaders to motivate progress and build success and my desire is to be surrounded by leaders who are just as passionate about making Hawaii even greater. That’s where Echelon Hawaii comes in.

Leadership isn’t all about giving the big orders or making all the big decisions. Through Echelon Hawaii, we have the opportunity to engage, listen, and take what we learn from one another and apply that to our own responsibilities and team. We can transform our state and be leaders in innovation, progressive and critical thinking, and collaboration. We can be a catalyst for change by breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty, homelessness, and hunger by going beyond the traditional boundaries and raise money to do more good. We don’t want to just be better leaders. We want to be better people.

#DoingTheMostGood is a promise that The Salvation Army makes to its employees, clients, donors, and volunteers like Echelon Hawaii and together, we can make a difference for Others.

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