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It Takes an Army of All of Us



kids with red kettles

The Salvation Army’s red kettles and angel trees stand tall every Christmas, reminding us to share the season with those in need. But the Army’s work continues long after the kettles and trees are put away, lending a helping hand and a way forward for people in their most vulnerable moments.

All of that work is made possible by the generosity and deep concern of people throughout the community, people who see needs and want to be part of making a difference. Want to help?

Disaster Relief requires many hands, hard work, and compassionate hearts. The work begins the moment disaster strikes and continues long after the headlines fade, sometimes for years. Financial donations fuel all that work—providing much needed supplies and often bringing economic life to small businesses in dire need. One hundred percent of the money donated for disaster relief go directly into the community, making sure people have what they need when they need it.

Family Treatment Services meets women and children wherever they are and provides a safe space, counseling, addiction treatment, and a pathway to a healthy family. Residential and outpatient addiction treatment is offered through Women’s Way, even making room for the young keiki to be near their mother. Ke Ola Pono’s supportive living program brings mothers and their children together to heal and rebuild. Transitional Housing offers a stepping stone for families, and the Therapeutic Nursery and Preschool helps our youngest hearts heal and flourish.

Addiction Treatment Services offers detoxification, residential treatment, day treatment, and intensive outpatient treatment to adults looking to break the shackles of chemical dependency. Comprehensive programming includes everything from group counseling and cognitive restructuring to life skill seminars and relapse prevention skills. Through lives saved and families restored, ATS strives for a future without the ravaging destruction of addiction.

Family Intervention Services Teen Shelter in Hilo changes lives, changes futures, and changes the community. A safe-haven for teens escaping abusive, destructive family situations, FIS offers safety, help, and support so that teens can find their way forward—to get through school, recover from addictive and abusive behavior, and find a path to a productive future.

All of this and so much more is made possible because ordinary people do extraordinary things—donating, volunteering, and making a difference. Together, we can create a better tomorrow for the most vulnerable among us. Please, come join us!

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